Star Wars Destiny Rivals Draft


Sat, Feb 17 ·4:00 PM

Golden Eagle

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$30 entry fee (includes a draft set) or $18 if you bring one you already own. 2 packs per player into the prize pool. 

During a Star Wars: Destiny draft event, every player opens 3 packs and combines them into a single pack. Then, every player selects a card from the pack and passes the remaining cards to their left for the next player to select a card before passing the pack on again.

Once all of these cards have all been selected, the next three packs are opened and players draft cards again, passing in the opposite direction. When the draft is finished, everyone will have 30 cards from the booster packs and 20 cards from their Rivals Draft Set to construct a deck of twenty to thirty cards.

You can add as many copies of a card to a deck as you want, even crossing the boundaries of morality to mix hero, villain, and neutral cards in the same deck.

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