Star Wars Destiny Booster Draft


Fri, Feb 16 ·6:30 PM

Black Moon Games

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Format: Booster draft using a Rivals draft set and 6 Legacies booster packs. Details on the draft format can be found here:

Entry: $35 if you do not already own a Rivals draft set, $20 if you bring your own Rivals draft set.

Time: Drafting will begin promptly at 6:30PM.

Prizes: Everyone who participates will receive an exclusive Aurebesh language Crafted Lightsaber. Anyone who wins two out three rounds will receive a Targeting Computer promo. And anyone who goes undefeated with 3 victories will get the Vibrosword promo! Additional prizes in the form of booster packs will be added to the prize pool based on attendance. More people= more prizes so bring your friends!

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