Star Wars Destiny Rivals Release Event


Sat, Feb 17 ·12:00 PM

Heroic Knight Games

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Heroic Knight Games will be hosting a Star Wars Destiny Rivals Release Event.
We will have 1 promo kit that can accommodate 16 players.
Is it highly recommend that you purchase your ticket ahead of time, as we can't guarantee a spot otherwise. Please click the find ticket link below. We do not charge a ticket service fee.

Store opens at noon – Draft starts at 12:30. 

Draft - Draft will be pods of 6 to 8 with a redraft. all Players will be expected to play until the redraft. - 6 Packs
Each pod will have its own sealed box plus extra packs if the pod consists of 7 or 8 players.

Pods of 6 are guaranteed 6 Legendaries. Pods of 7 - 8 players are only guaranteed 6 Legendaries, as the extra packs will randomly pulled from another box.

1 hour for draft and deck build. 2 hours game play time
$15 entry fee. Release day promos - No other prize support.

Please bring your Rivals pack if you have one. We will have rivals kits on sale.

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