Star Wars Destiny Rivals Limited Event


Sat, Feb 24 ·7:30 PM

Comic Fusion

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Star Wars Destiny Rivals Limited Event - Saturday Feb 24 at 7:30 PM

This will be a booster draft. A Rivals Draft Set will be needed to participate. If you do not have one, they will be available for purchase.

Entry fee is $20 if you already have the Draft Set or $35 if you need to purchase a Rivals Draft Set.

Each player receives (6) Legacy Boosters for the draft. Will do 2 draft rounds of 3 boosters each. Once the draft is complete, players will build a deck using the cards drafted plus the draft set with the following deck construction modifications:
1. Draft decks do not have to be thirty cards. You can play with decks of any size from twenty to thirty cards.
2. Draft decks can make use of both hero and villain cards in the same deck.
3. You can include any number of copies of a given card in your draft deck.

Will then play 3 rounds.

(1) Destiny Booster of any set awarded per match win.

In addition, will prize out of the Destiny Draft Prize Kit:

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