Destiny Store Champs 2018

Store Championship

Sun, Jul 8 ·10:00 AM

Element Games North West Gaming Centre

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This event will be following the FFG Tournament rules.

What is a Store Championship?

Every store in good standing has the opportunity to run a single Store Championship for each game supported by Organized Play by pre-ordering a kit six months before its release. These tournaments are meant to be a highly-accessible introduction to the competitive Championship series of tournaments.

Relaxed Tournament Tier: Tournaments at this tier are welcoming to all players, regardless of experience level. The focus is on creating a fun and friendly environment. At the Relaxed tier, the leaders of the event (organizer, marshal, and/or judge) may play in the event as long as there are two or more designated leaders.

Basic Tournament Structure: The basic tournament structure is designed to be very accessible, especially for newer participants. This structure provides a tournament experience that requires a modest commitment of time and resources from organizers and players. Single elimination rounds in the Basic Structure consist of one-game matches. The Basic Structure is used for Store Championship events

  • Registration from 10:00
  • Registration closes 11:00
  • Pre-Event Brief 11:10
  • Round 1 starts 11:30
Tickets: £15.00 (includes lunch & £5 EG voucher at registration)
Number available: 44 players

1st Floor
Hallam Business Centre
Hallam Street


The Event will be run using a Swiss format with a random first round draw. Rounds will last 35 minutes (including single elimination, best of one games for the Top cut)

The number of Swiss Rounds and Top cut is determined by the Destiny Tournament Regulations. A Store Champs follows the Basic Structure.

As such:

  • Under 17 players we will just be playing 4 rounds of Swiss
  • if we have 17-24 players we will be playing a 4 round swiss event with Top 4 Cut
  • if we have 25-40 players we will be playing a 5 round swiss event with Top 4 Cut
  • if we have 41-44 players we will be playing a 5 round swiss event with Top 8 Cut

We will be playing 35 minute rounds, with a 10 minute break between rounds. There will be a 30 minute break for lunch after round 2.

Anticipated timings based on 25-40 players:

  • Registration from 10:00
  • Registration closes 11:00
  • Pre-Event Brief 11:10
  • Round 1 starts 11:30
  • Round 2 starts 12:30
  • Lunch starts 13:30
  • Round 3 starts 14:00
  • Round 4 starts 15:00
  • Round 5 starts 16:00 (if 25-40 players)
  • Top Cut announced : 17:00
  • Top 4 starts 17:15
  • Semi Final starts 18:00
  • Final starts 18:45
  • Final complete 19:35

As the Top Cut is announced all other prizes will will be handed out. Venue will remain open if players want to hang around and watch the Top Cut.

The Top Cut is Single Elimination Knock-out Best of One matches and each match last 35 minutes, 50 minutes for the Final

Expected finish time for the Final is 7.30pm but if we can start rounds earlier we will.

If a player fails to make the Top Cut or gets knocked out they'll be given their prizes so they can leave if they want.


£5.00 per person in Element Games Store Credit vouchers will be awarded at Registration

Prizes from FFG TBC. Normally

Top 32 - The top thirty-two players will each receive an alternate art card.

Top 8 - TBC

Top 4 - TBC

Top 2 - TBC

First Place - The winner will receive a color printed plaque and a first round bye to a 2018-19 X-wing Regional Championship of their choice!

Food & Drink:
Lunch is included. Please email if you have any special dietary requirements (vegetarian, vegan, allergies etc)

Snacks and drinks will be available on site. It is recommended to bring your own lunch but there are local shops and Takeaways within walking/driving distance if you want to buy some. You can bring food into the venue, all we ask is you tidy up after yourselves.
The venue is a licenced premises and can serve you a large variation of hot & cold drinks, soft and alcoholic. No outside drinks may be brought into or consumed on the premises.

Parking/ travel:
FREE PARKING all day outisde in the venues shared/private car par and next door in the 46 space Council run car park.

Public transport: Davenport train station is the closest at a 10-15 minute walk but the main Stockport Station is also only 20-25 minute walk (and you'll find more frequent trains). You can get the bus from Stockport Station for less than £2.00 each way. And the Bus stops at the end of our road - opposite Premier Inn and is a 2 minute walk.


This purchase is for a virtual ticket and no physical product will be sent out to you. If you discover you can't attend the event we can process a refund for you up to 72 hours prior to the event running. Please email

If after this date you find you can't attend we won't be able to process a refund for you as food, venue space and prizes will have been bought and paid for.

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