Sheer Porg Attack

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Fri, Jan 12 ·6:30 PM

Nu Brand Gaming

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Registration: 6:30PM
First Round: 7:30PM

Entry Fee: $15 / $10 for Nu Brand Gaming Members

Tournament Structure:
The tournament will be using the basic tournament structure and relaxed tournament tier
All tournament rules and current FAQ can always be found at:

Swiss pairings
There will be 3 swiss paired rounds.

Prize Support:
  • 1 pack for your first win
  • 2 more packs for your second win (total of 3)
  • 3 more packs for your third win (total of 6)

Legacies booster boxes, boba fett and luke skywalker starter decks, and booster packs for all destiny releases to date will be available for purchase.

If you are interested in drafting with legacies and have your own rivals pack, post in the facebook discussion, if we have six or more players we'll get that going as well as a side event. Once rivals officially releases we will be having weekly friday night drafts!

Hope to see you there!
(516) 321-0856

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