Star Wars Destiny Draft Event


Sat, May 19 ·10:30 AM

Tritex Games Ltd

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Due to popular demand, we will be hosting another Star Wars Destiny Draft event but this time we thought we would mix it up a bit. So for this event you choose any starter including Rivals as a base then pick 6 boosters from any set. The Starter will be the base set you will be playing with but the boosters will all be drafted in a circle amongst all players. The cost for the event will be £26 which includes the starter set and tournament entry so its a bargain just for what you are getting. There will be promo cards given out to all participants and booster prizes to the top 3 places courtesy of Tritex Games.

Registration from 10.30 am and kick off 11 am for the draft we will then play 3 rounds Swiss style with the winners being decided after the 3 rounds.

You can stick around after if it finishes earlier as were open until 5 pm.

To pre-register reply to this event post or contact us at

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