Star Wars Destiny - Forces of Destiny


Sat, May 19 ·11:00 AM

Gabi's Olympic Cards and Comics

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Start: 11:00 am, Registration: 10:30 am.
Entry: $20
Registration includes 6 packs for draft and 2 packs for the prize pot.
Draft Starts at 11 am, Swiss Rounds will be used and determined by the Number of Players.

The Forces of Destiny will determine the packs you get. For each player registered for the draft 8 total packs of Destiny will be put into a Bag/Box. The packs will be made up of two each of the following sets(Awakenings, Spirit of Rebellion, Empire at War, Legacies).

At the start of the draft all packs will be mixed up and each player will draw their first 3 packs from the Bag/Box to open and create the draft Pack they will use for round one. Round 2 will start with each player drawing 3 packs to open and create their draft back for round 2.

The remaining packs in the bag will be opened and placed out for prizes which will be selected in a draft style based on placement in the event until all players have selected the cards they want and all cards are distributed.

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