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Sat, Jan 20 ·12:00 PM

GMI Games

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Come test your mettle against other players and earn some fantastic prizes! We look forward to seeing you all, and may the Force be with you!

NOTE: Rivals and Legacies cards are not legal for this event (Destiny products are legal for casual event-play on the day of their release; Legacies launches Feb. 1, with Rivals' official street date sometime later.)

• $5 entry fee
• Registration begins at 12pm and the first round begins at 1pm.
• Minimum of three 35-minute rounds, each with a 5-minute setup timer (see below). Maximum rounds determined by player count. No progression cut.

After pairings have been announced/posted, players have five minutes to find their table and set up their game. "Setup" consists of every step required to begin the game up to the first player taking their first action. Play may not begin until the Marshal begins the round. If the Marshal begins the round and your table has not finished setup, please begin as soon as you're ready.

PRIZING: 2017 Q4 Game Night Kit
• Participating players receive an alternate art Isolation (Awk#85) promotional card.
• Top 4: Set of two (2) acrylic Damage 3 tokens.
• Top 2: Alternate art Jetpack (Awk#66) promotional card.

In addition, 100% of the entry fees beyond the cost of the kit will be added to the prize pool, in the form of Legacies packs! (Amount available and distribution based on attendance, so the more people that come, the more packs we can give out!)

Players should familiarize themselves with the latest tournament regulations and FAQ, found at the bottom of this page:

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