Chicago-land SW Destiny Regional Championship

Regional Championship

Sat, Feb 17 ·11:00 AM


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Gold Squadron is honored to be hosting Chicago-land's first ever Star Wars Destiny Regional Championship at Pastimes! For many of our attendees this will be their first time attending a Gold Squadron hosted event. You can expect an extremely well organized event with the best possible prize support for a regional event. Furthermore his will be a fun and exciting event for players of all skill levels and in addition to hosting the main event we will also be running on demand 8 man constructed and Limited side events. 

Event Registration & Roll Call for the main event will be from 11:00-11:45 am on February 17th at Pastimes. The main event will begin promptly at Noon (don't be late) on February 17th following all FFG guidelines for constructed play. 

Side events will fire on demand as soon as we have 8 players signed up and ready to go for either constructed or limited. Rivals Draft packs will be required for the limited events. 

100% of entry will go towards prize support and everyone will receive a participation prize for the main event. Official Regional Prizes will be provided by FFG and additional prizes will be added based on participation. Pastimes has boosters from all previous sets in stock for prizes including limited quantities of Spirit of Rebellion. We also have one of the largest collections of singles available via trade or purchase (including any store credit from prizes).

Regionals is a formal event using the Advanced tournament structure. All product officially released in the united states are legal they day they are released for formal events like Regionals. So if Rivals is official released before our event it will be legal.

  • 8 Man Constructed Side Event- $5 3 Round Swiss events. Booster prize pay out 4-2-1-1
  • 8 Man Booster Draft Side Event Entry- $15 + Rivals Starter (can bring your own). 3 Round Swiss events. Booster prize pay out 4-2-1-1
  • 8 Man Sealed Side Event Entry- $20 + Rivals Starter (can bring your own) 3 Round Swiss events. Booster prize pay out 4-2-1-1

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