Star Wars Destiny League

Thursdays @ 6:30 PM to 10:00 PM

Proud Lion Gaming Centre

8 St George's Pl, Cheltenham GL50 3JZ, UK

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This league event will be formed of "blocks". A block for Destiny will run for up to 8 weeks, depending on release dates for new sets. A block will either be constructed or sealed. (Please see the How It Works section for more details.)

Block 1 (Constructed): 21st June - Way of the Force release (TBC)
Block 2 (Sealed): Way of the Force release (TBC) - TBC
Block 3 (Constructed): TBC

*What You Need*
For Constructed, you will need a valid Destiny deck to play with, including all cards, dice, and tokens required. You may bring as many or as few decks as you wish.

For sealed, you will need a Rivals pack (please ask in advance if you would like to borrow a store copy) and any required tokens to play. You will also need a deck box capable of holding a deck, dice, tokens, and any spare cards or dice.

*How It Works*
This is an open play league event, so you can take part in as many games as you wish during each league session.

For Constructed league blocks, you will receive a League scoring sheet. The first time you complete each achievement, score one point for it on your sheet. You will receive a prize for every six points scored across the block.

Our first Constructed league block will use the following achievements:

  • Play 3 games as Heroes
  • Play 3 games as Villains
  • Play 10 games
  • Win a game
  • Deal 10 or more damage to your opponent in a single turn
  • Discard 4 or more cards from your opponent in a single turn (hand, deck, or combination of both)
  • Claim the battlefield 3 times in a single game
  • Play a deck with no neutral cards
  • Reroll 7 or more dice at once
  • Have at least 6 resources at once
  • Have at least 4 of your dice showing a blank at once
  • Suffer damage on 3 or more of your characters in a single round
For Sealed league blocks, you will receive a League tracking sheet to record your games. For your first week, you will need purchase 8x booster packs of the most recent set; these boosters and a Rivals pack will be used to build a deck to play with (using sealed deck rules). Every week you return to Sealed league, your entry awards you an additional booster pack. You can also purchase an additional booster pack if you lose two consecutive games. You can change your deck at any point between games, but you cannot bring any outside cards or dice to be used during Sealed league sessions.

*What You Get*
Each player will receive one participation promo or proxy card per block. For Constructed league blocks, players will receive one promo or proxy card for every six points scored. For Sealed league blocks, players will receive one promo or proxy card after completing 10 games. No player can earn more than 1 promo or proxy card per session.

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